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Data Sheets

Data Sheets

WB TDS (v.2022.08.16-2)

WB SDS (v.2022.04.02-1)

Test Results


Nano-Clear® (NCI) Test Results (v.2022.09.14-1)

  • Independently tested & proven technology

  • Over 50+ tests and counting



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Reference Material


Nano-Clear VOC Details

Coating Thickness Information

Assero Technical Reference Guide

NCI Tech Guide - Concrete.jpg
NCI Tech Guide - Partners.jpg

Technical Guides

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Case Studies

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Thumb - Prod Comps 2, WB.jpg

Product Comparisons

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NACE* MP (Materials Peformance) - 2019

Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award

Frost & Sullivan - Best Practices Award - 2020

North American Industrial Surface Protection Coatings Technology Leadership Award

Paint Square Prestige Awards Winner - 2020

Top Product, Coatings for Steel

* NACE is now AMPP (The Association for Materials Protection and Performance)

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