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How We Work Together

Nano-Clear® is the cornerstone of a modular coating system. Our experts work with your specialists to engineer optimal protective clearcoat solutions. Working from the Nano-Clear® baseline, functional additives are introduced to enhance those qualities that are most critical to your unique operating requirements.


Nano-Clear® functional additives address your specific environmental and operational challenges to significantly enhance protection from corrosion, erosion, scratching, chipping, marring, abrasion, chemicals, ice buildup, as well as from the damaging effects of UV weathering, salt, biofilm growth and water penetration. Anti-slip properties can be introduced for surfaces that are walked on. Gloss reduction is also an option with a matte additive that is ad-mixed to adjust the gloss level from the natural high gloss of Nano-Clear® to full flat.

Nano-Clear® is the new benchmark by which investors can measure and contrast the performance and profitability of their assets.

One of our experts will contact you.

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