Assero Products

Assero solutions are small ... but deliver big results.

Assero Coating Technologies offers a complete line of market-ready, multi-functional products that cover the spectrum of protective coating applications. Assero`s products provide remarkable surface protection for a wide range of equipment, structures and products in the manufacturing, construction, marine, aviation, transportation, and automotive sectors.

And for those rare situations in which a highly specialized coating application is required, and an off-the-shelf product is not optimum, Assero even offers an option to custom engineer a product that will meet the necessary specifications.

Assero is dedicated to protecting your assets by providing the best coating applications available. Period.

Assero Coatings

Assero is a certified distributor of Nanovere products including Nano-Clear®.

The following are a few of the features, benefits & specs of the Assero line of Nano-Clear® products:

  • Long term UV protection

  • Superior corrosion resistance

  • Superior abrasion resistance

  • 6H break hardness, 4H mark hardness combined with 1/4 flexibility pass per ASTM D522

  • Quick curing time (approximately 24 hours) in a wide range of humidity (20% to 80%)

  • 1K product – no mixing needed

  • Thin coating requirement (2mil wet) - allows for coverage of over 1,000 sq. ft. per gallon

This next page provides more technical details on our line of Nano-Clear® coating products including:

  • Data Sheets,

  • Environmental Studies,

  • Case Studies, and

  • Warranty Information

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Green MonkCleaning Solutions


Revolutionary, Eco-Innovative, Eco-Responsible, Water Miscible, Bio-organic, Industrial Grade Cleaning Agents that are Safe for Users, Substrates & the Environment.

Assero is a distributor of Green Monk products including:

  • B-Blast™ (GMBB-100™)

  • Concrete Trace Remover (GMCC-100™)

  • Degreaser (GMDG-100™)

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