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Assero was formed specifically to work with Tom Choate of Nanovere on green coating technologies.


Nanovere was established in 2003 by Tom Choate as a deep tech start-up to create multifunctional 3D nanostructured coating technologies engineered to outperform all leading automotive, industrial and aerospace coating solutions. The objective was to address the global US$2.5T/year need to prevent corrosion and protect the environment.

Advanced Products

In its first decade Nanovere developed a unique polymer chemistry and focused its product development on SB (Solvent-Based) products. Unlike conventional coating knowhow this polymer chemistry is modular allowing for new products to be formulated by combining complementary technologies. These products were introduced to the market in 2015 and have been adopted by many global brands committed to long-term performance and sustainability.


In 2016 Assero began work with Nanovere on developing WB (Water-Based) technologies derived from this new polymer chemistry, and to position the company as a leader in the vital greening of the industry. The SB development was the first step in addressing the original objective. The WB development was the natural next step in addressing the green objective.


At present Nanovere SB products fill the most extreme needs and are being adapted to address additional requirements. In response to the global pandemic in 2021/22, an additive was developed for Nano‑Clear® (NCI) with anti-microbial properties (+AM, a complementary technology) for surface self-decontamination; to prevent the transfer of deadly pathogens (bacteria and viruses). Additionally, this modular upgrade is effective in preventing the growth of biofilm, mold and mildew. NCI+AM has been independently tested and proven to be 99.99998% effective (a global first), and exclusively provides permanent anti-microbial protection. The WB platforms are also being upgraded with a +AM option.

VOC Ratings

The ingredients used in the manufacture of Assero’s green coating products are chosen to outperform global VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission standards, and only include long-term, eco-responsiblenon-leaching components. The chart below is a sample of VOC concentration limits for commercial & industrial products contrasted with our SB and WB products.

VOC Comparison Chart (NCI & WB).jpg

Nano‑Clear® is already 66% more environmentally responsible than the lowest requirements set for the listed coatings. And our WB products register no VOCs or HAPs whatsoever. Customers and the environment will benefit from the reduced need to recoat assets thanks to the permanent protective qualities of these multifunctional products, aiding the shift away from throw-away cultures. Additional benefits include a reduction in the need for toxic cleaning products resulting in improved health and safety for workers and local ecosystems, as well as increased efficiencies and considerable savings from reduced maintenance expenses.

The remaining challenge is to reduce packaging waste; to reuse whenever possible and to recycle the remainder. We already standardize on recyclable packaging, and we’ve made great strides in reusability. A unique spray can solution has been implemented that uses only compressed air to spray our WB coating products. Once the can has been emptied, it can be refilled by one of the organizations in Assero’s Localized Production Network, launching on April 15, 2022. And if the WB spray can is damaged, it will be recycled. A refund is paid when an empty WB spray can is returned.


The greening of the coatings industry, which sells 10 billion gallons of paints and coatings per year, will have a significant impact on the global environment. Cost effective, high performance, eco-responsible products will make the transition easier for the broader market to adopt. Assero, with its deep tech credentials and green mandate is aggressively helping to lead this clean tech revolution.

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