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Assero Coating Technologies is built around an ethos of eco-innovative / eco-responsible, green chemistry, protective clearcoat solutions that deliver Exceptional Surface Protection™ .

Assero is a company that sets new benchmarks with high performance, multi-functional, products designed to increase the useful service life of valuable assets that operate in harsh environments, decrease carbon footprints, improve performance efficiencies, and increase your return on investment. Assero takes pride in offering superior coating solutions, helping to enhance your brand image / reputation, demonstrating how new technologies can help heal our planet, and proving that the use of green technology solutions can actually add more green to your bottom line.

Assero values include collaborative solutions, strong customer service & support. and healthy workplace environments.

Assero’s flagship product, Nano-Clear® (NCI), is designed to dramatically enhance and extend the surface life of newly painted or oxidized painted surfaces for many years.


Companies have invested billions of dollars in the frequent and never-ending quest to protect their assets from corrosion, scratching, chipping, marring, chemical damage, UV degradation and weathering.

Many of these assets are typically painted using inferior paint materials that are not designed to withstand long-term weathering and use.

Organizations have various options when these painted assets eventually require maintenance:

  1. Do nothing and allow environmental conditions to continue weakening the painted coating resulting in decreased resistance to corrosion, chemical and UV damage, chipping and weathering; and then degradation of the substrate and asset itself.

  2. Continue to frequently replace the existing paint/coating system using the same conventional products (epoxy topcoat, polyurethane or latex) with their associated ROI depleting maintenance & repair expenses.

  3. Enhance and extend the surface life many times over of "Oxidized"  or "New/Freshly" painted assets by using Nano-Clear® which significantly increases surface protection, assset service life & peformance/efficiency, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps global efforts in combatting climate change.

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