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Assero Coating Technologies is a Canadian company formed in early 2016 that operates offices located in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver serving clients throughout North America and parts of South East Asia.

Assero's mission is to seek out and bring to market bold, paradigm-changing and innovative new technologies that provide positive impacts in the world, upon our client organizations, and for the lives of the people that utilize our industrial products. As part of this goal, Assero aims to provide new systems & solutions that are healthier and more eco-responsible alternatives to conventional, outdated and harmful options currently available in the market place.

Assero's flagship product, Nano-Clear® (NCI), is the world's only plural component polymer system stable in a 1K package. NCI is the world’s best all-round, multi-functional, clearcoat that preserves and provides protection for industrial coating systems with extreme resistance to corrosion, salt, abrasion, chipping, marring, chemical attack, weathering, UV degradation, climatic changes, and environmental and biological contaminants. NCI is further customizable with specialized "first-to-market" functional additives that enhance the multi-functional attributes of NCI to record setting levels for performance.

The technological basis of these products has been developed and proven with 12+ years of intensive research & development supported by in-house, field and third-party laboratory tests, joint development initiatives, licensing agreements, and the ability to exceed global industrial and military specifications.

Assero also partners with industrial coating manufacturers to create additional superior coating systems. Our goal is to be the finest, most reliable, long-term, eco-responsible, single component (1K), industrial, clearcoat in a competitive global marketplace. Assero's products have provided unparalleled advantages to clients that span the globe across many sectors, and have been successfully used by international companies as diverse as:

  • Toshiba

  • Nippon Paint

  • Odebrecht Oil and Gas

  • Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland Cruise Lines

  • Sterling Crane (a Berkshire Hathaway company)

  • General Dynamics Land Systems

  • UTC Aerospace Systems

  • Chevron

  • DOW

  • And many more!

Multifunctional Nano-coatings | Functional Nano-materials & ConceptsApplication Expertise, Joint Development & Problem SolvingResearch, Development & Manufacturing Processes | Synthesis of Highly Functional Nano-structured Polymers

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