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Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating (NCI) is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore, and extend the service life of freshly coated (newly painted) and oxidized (previously painted) surfaces by 10+ years. Nano-Clear® will also dramatically improve corrosion, scratch, abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance.


Engineered using nano-structuring, Nano-Clear® penetrates deep into the microscopic pores, holidays, cracks, and defects of painted surfaces to form a chemical bond that will enhance, improve, and recover original color and gloss. Nano-Clear® will greatly improve surface hardness, increase the resistance to moisture and water permeation, and provide long-term prevention of coating deterioration, Nano-Clear®  reduces time & expenses related to maintenance & management, extends service life, increases ROI, and provides a potentially higher resale value for assets.

Nano-Clear Molecule - Orange.jpg

Nano-Clear® is a one component (1K), humidity cured, densely cross-linked, low VOC, polyurethane / polyurea hybrid nano-coating.  Nano-Clear® (NCI) is manufactured using proprietary 3D nano-structured polymers producing extreme crosslink density.

SIDEBAR: “Nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanostructuring refer to things that occur on the nanometer scale (1 to 100 nanometers - nm). In the same manner that 100 yards is the relevant scale for a football game, nanoscale is the playing field for molecules and their interactions.


Nanotechnology is the science of manufacturing things by extracting raw materials from the environment and assembling them an atom or molecule at a time.” Courtesy of the University of Wisconsin – Materials Research and Engineering Center.

High crosslink density has been proven to generate highly functional surface properties, including unmatched corrosion, scratch, abrasion, weathering, UV, chip, water and chemical resistance. This also yields low surface energy, repelling water (hydrophobic) and aiding in the release of ice, dirt, oil, grease, brake dust, graffiti, soot, and numerous other forms of organic and inorganic surface fouling.

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