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AQURON® CRS 7000 - 5 US Gal (18.9L)


Pricing: USD

Coverage: 150 - 200 s.f. per US gallon

Data Sheets: TDS, SDS


AQURON® CRS-7000™ is a concrete soluble chloride reducer for the protection and waterproofing of concrete. It is an odorless, clear to green, nontoxic, non-petroleum, water borne solution that is environmentally safe and user friendly.


Aquron Colloidal Silicate Hydrogel

  • seals the concrete
  • densifies and strengthens it
  • fills pore spaces with extra silica


Silica is one of the most important strengthening components in concrete paste.


(Sample Orders Only. Bulk purchasing also available: 55 / 330 gallon drums / bulk containers. Contact to order or for more details.)

Aquron CRS-7000 - 5 Gal (18.9 L)

  • AQURON® CRS-7000™ spray applied nano-silica treatment. AQ-CRS-7K is a deeply penetrating chloride reduction solution for concrete intended as the primary treatment to a concrete structure at risk. AQ-CRS-7K depletes internal soluble chloride, demonstrates activity against acids, corrosive gases, and more. An impermeable (hydrogel) chemical barrier is formed from within, 5 - 7 inches deep depending upon inherent concrete porosity.

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