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WB+AM - 200g (7oz)


Pricing: USD

Coverage: 3+ sqm (30+ sqft) @ 1 mil DFT, 3 coats recommended

Data Sheets: TDS, SDS


WB+AM is a zero VOC/HAP protective clearcoat with remarkable AntiMicrobial properties.


WB+AM (12-pack)

SKU: WB+AM-200g-12
  • WB+AM is Assero's Water-Based AntiMicrobial Protective Clearcoat.

    As with NCI, WB+AM is developed from a unique 3D nanostructured plural-polymer chemistry to provide exceptional surface protection. WB+AM is the most eco-responsible, sustainable and durable protective clearcoat available.


    WB+AM is sold in cases of 12 spray cans, each containing 200g (7oz) of product. WB+AM Eco-Spray uses a first-to-market, purely air-powered technology that completely eliminates the need for a mixture of flammable, hazardous or toxic dispensing propellants used with conventional aerosol coating formulations.


    WB+AM spray cans are also reusable/refillable when returned, and recyclable if they're damaged.

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