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AQURON® 300-MWC - Concrete Waterproofing Admixture - 5 Gal (18.9 L)


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AQURON® 300-MWC - is an advanced eco-friendly, multi-functional, waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete that enhances strength, provides integral waterproofing and corrosion protection, and increases long term durability. It also enhances workability for a superior placement experience.


(Sample Orders Only. Bulk purchasing also available: 55 / 330 gallon drums / bulk containers. Contact to order or for more details.)

Aquron 300-MWC - Mix Water Conditioner, Concrete Waterproofing Admixture - 5 Gal

SKU: AQ-300--5G
  • AQURON® 300-MWC is a transparent, amorphous, VOC free, CATALYZED colloidal silica hydrogel liquid additive used to create affordable, high performance concrete. It does this by significantly increasing the effectiveness and percentage of hydration of the cement particle during the batching, placement and curing stages of concrete.

    INCREASED CEMENT PARTICLE HYDRATION – 300 MWC optimizes concrete mix water /cement particle hydrolysis during concrete production related to cast in place, Portland cement based concrete applications. 300 MWC achieves up to 96% overall hydration rates, while acting as an internal cure. This reduces bleed water eliminating channeling.

    300 MWC also achieves increased hydration without increased heat. Working time and other critical fresh concrete properties are not adversely affected. As such, changes to standard mix designs are not required.

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