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AQURON® SPP (Steel Preservation Primer) - 1 US Gal (3.79L)


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Data Sheets: TDS, SDS


AQURON® SPP Steel Preserve Primer has the ability to create an ionic bond with metal and provide a surface coating that encapsulates and protects old, deteriorating, ferrous substrates. Steel Preserve Primer may be applied directly to surfaces with tightly adhered rust (with proper preparation). Steel Preserve Primer will penetrate tightly adhered intact rust to bond with the metal substrate below to stop the corrosion process.


(Sample Orders Only. Bulk purchasing also available: 55 / 330 gallon drums / bulk containers. Contact to order or for more details.)

Aquron SPP (Steel Preservation Primer) - 1 Gal (3.79L)

  • AQURON® SPP Steel Preserve Primer is primarily used as a primer coating to protect ferrous materials from further deterioration and loss of mass through exposure to many naturally occurring elements.


    When properly applied, SPP provides both the applicator and asset owner with a cost effective infrastructure maintenance program. SPP is environmentally friendly due to it being water-based and having an extremely low VOC. SPP is easy to use and apply.


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