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  • Protect Against Rain Erosion, Corrosion & UV Degradation

  • Reduce Maintenance, Operational Costs & Downtime

  • Increase Annual Energy Capture (AEC)

  • Decrease Carbon Footprint

  • Extend Asset Lifecycles

Assero Provides Advanced Protective Clearcoat Solutions

Improving the Green Energy Business Case


Enable our customers to increase the performance of their revenue generating assets through sustainable technologies

  • Committed to Green Chemistry solutions

  • Reduce capital waste by increasing the durability of assets

  • Reduce maintenance expenses

  • Reduce the use of harmful cleaning products

  • Reuse and recycle packaging

Industry Award Winning Technology | International Acclaim & Recognition

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Exceptional Surface Protection for High Value Assets

  • Integrative, complementary clearcoat platforms

  • Engineered and designed to enhance, restore, and protect

  • Meet & exceed commercial, industrial and military coating specs & requirements

David's Suggestion:

​Add options for a mockup of a 4L, 55 gallon and tote options of the NCI-WT.

Suggestions fromTerry:

According to the American Coatings Association: "The paints and coatings industry should realize that Sustainability is not just our joint responsibility; it is also a clear business opportunity. Paints and coatings protect and preserve the substrates they are applied to, thus conserving energy and material resources - and performance is the key!"

Assero Coating Technologies provides innovative nanomaterials, concepts, and integrative clear coat platforms that are engineered and designed to enhance, restore, extend (service life), and protect high value assets, that meet and exceed commercial, industrial, and military coating requirements.

Coating solutions engineered to:

  • minimize/reduce operations costs

  • minimize/reduce maintenance and downtime

  • restore, optimize, and maximize performance

Able to reduce and eliminate:

  • coating degradation

  • rain erosion

  • corrosion

  • coating impingement

  • stresses (drying and curing-internal stress, vibration- external, impact and abrasion)

  • permeation (rain/salt water, moisture, solvents, chemical, and gas)

  • biological influences

  • and more......

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