Surface Preparation

Application Guidelines

Nano-Clear® (NCI) is a unique single component [1K] transparent coating with remarkable physical properties. Prior to considering the application of NCI the substrate type, condition, material composition, and subsequent removal of surface contaminants will be greatly reflected in the long-term service life and performance of NCI.



Substrate Consideration

Nano-Clear® (NCI) is designed to adhere to cleaned – highly oxidized or newly coated porous and nonporous surfaces. It will adhere to epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, latex and powder coatings. NCI will also adhere directly to highly oxidized fiberglass, gelcoat, and epoxy coated cement.

NCI will not adhere directly to bare metals such as aluminum, steel, rust, stainless steel or chrome unless these materials have been properly treated or primed. NCI has been shown to adhere directly to these surfaces with a phosphoric acid surface treatment.

Surface Preparation

With proper surface preparation, Nano-Clear® is designed to be a permanent finish/top coat.


Surfaces contaminated with caulking (oxidized paint), loose debris, stains, rust, vegetative growth, grease, graffiti, oil, moss, mildew, and all other unsound or foreign materials can inhibit the penetration and adhesion of Nano-Clear®.

Remove all contaminants using effective cleaning methods and materials. An effective and recommended cleaning material is a degreaser such as “SuperClean” (a sodium hydroxide based solution) + Water + Dry.

Solvents like acetone, MEK and paint thinner are also effective at removing surface contaminants in preparation for the application of Nano-Clear®.

Oxidized Paint Surfaces

Repair any structural damage (rust or chipping) using a two component [2K] epoxy primer.

Non-Waxed paint “MUST” be thoroughly cleaned using SuperClean Degreaser, water rinse and dry.

Waxed paint “MUST” be sanded using 400 grit sandpaper with an an orbital sander, solvent cleaned, and dry.

High Gloss Painted Surfaces with Wax coating

Sand using 400 to 600 grit sandpaper, followed by a solvent clean to remove debris.

Orbital Belt Sander
400 Grit Sandpaper

Sample Surface Preparation

Materials You May Need

SuperClean Degreaser
Paint Thinner
2K Epoxy Primer
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