Structural Applications

Keep your structures strong ... and they will forever support you!

Assero’s industrial coatings are the most advanced and effective solutions available to protect a wide range of interior and exterior structures from ongoing wear & tear and environmental hazards.

“Nano-Clear® NCI is a single-component, humidity-cured, highly cross-linked, polyurethane hybrid nano-coating system – designed to provide permanent protection. Its high concentration of chemically bonded polymers penetrates deep into the pores of concrete, stone, newly painted, epoxy coated and highly oxidized painted surfaces.”

When it comes to protecting your assets, don’t settle for inferior products. Unparalleled in features and performance, Nano-Clear® coating products from Assero are guaranteed for an industry-leading 10 years, with longer term protection anticipated under normal operating conditions!

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will:

  • restore surface lustre and vibrancy

  • protect against corrosion, abrasion, chipping and UV degradation

  • greatly increase the durability and resilience of surfaces to the effects of weathering

  • protect your structures to a considerably higher degree than any other competing products on the market

The paradigm-changing Assero Advantage will:

  • flow through to you and your organization - everybody wins

  • increase the lifespan of your structures, building substructures and important landmarks

  • help maintain the value of your structures over time and potentially lessen depreciation

  • offer unmatched protection for items that are more prone to the effects of material degradation

  • provide a superior and safer workplace environment for staff and operators

  • increase the safety factor for structures within public spaces

  • enhance the impression and experience visitors have within and around structures and landmarks

  • save time and money by dramatically decreasing the number and frequency of periods required for maintenance

  • provide your company with structures that maintain their original beauty as they were designed and imagined by the developer/engineer

  • allow workers, visitors and/or the general public to continue utilizing and enjoying such structures and infrastructures for extended periods of time

  • quickly result in an increased ROI on the monies invested into valuable structures

Industrial Structures & Infrastructure

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will protect structures & infrastructure such as:

  • bridge structures, beams, cabling & decking

  • land-based & offshore oil rig platforms

  • concrete walls & flooring

  • high-rise concrete & metal columns, skeletons & foundations

  • interior & exterior metal roofing beams & superstructures

  • metal marine docks

  • steel & metal cladding

  • silos & storage tanks

  • pipeline distribution networks

  • hydro/power lines & towers

  • logging & sawmill equipment

  • factory rigging & assembly lines

  • telecom, cable and satellite towers

  • and more ...

Advanced industrial coatings from Assero will prevent the forces of nature from weakening your structures. We’ll work with you to analyze your project requirements.

Maintain the function, safety and appearance of the structures you depend on.

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