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Assero provides paradigm-shifting industrial coating technologies with its family of Nano-Clear® coating products. Nano-Clear® provides optimum protection for the surfaces of assets in a diverse range of industries such as transportation, construction, architectural & structural preservation and marine.

Nano-Clear® coatings are manufactured using proprietary 3D nano-structured polymers which create an unparalleled bonding density at the molecular level. This high cross-link density results in remarkable surface hardness as well as chemical, abrasion, corrosion and UV resistance, while providing high flexibility.

The advanced technological basis and extreme effectiveness of Assero products means that your organization will realize other benefits such as increased savings and ROI, increased performance, decreased maintenance cycles and more. Also included is an industry-leading 10 year warranty for surfaces treated with Assero products.

Traditionally, there have only been two choices  available when considering how to protect your assets with industrial coatings. And now, Assero provides a far superior third option.

Conventional Coating Systems

  • Average recoating cycles of 1 year - with traditional coatings enhanced with additives to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, abrasion, chipping, harsh chemicals, bacterial and organic growth, corrosion, and extreme weather

  • Average recoating cycles of 3 years - with the same traditional coatings, but with the addition of a solution containing nanoparticles to better fill the cracks and pores found in all substrates

Assero Coating Technologies

  • Average recoating cycles of 10 years - without the need for many of the additives required in traditional coatings; and with the nano-structured polymers provided only by Assero. Note that although the bonding between polymers is at a nano-level, no actual nano particles are included in Nano-Clear® coatings.

Assero's industrial coating products are environmentally friendly and have been developed and proven over the past decade. Assero's advanced product line continues to deliver unparalleled advantages to clients and has been successfully used by international world-class companies in areas that include the oil & gas, cruise line and aerospace sectors.


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