Marine Applications

Upgrade your protective coatings ... and gain peace of mind amid the onslaught of stormy seas!

Assero’s industrial coatings are the most advanced and effective solutions available to protect marine vessels from the harsh conditions in which they operate.

“Nano-Clear® NCI is a single-component, humidity-cured, highly cross-linked, polyurethane hybrid nano-coating system - designed to provide permanent protection. Its high concentration of chemically bonded polymers penetrates deep into the pores of concrete, newly painted, epoxy coated and highly oxidized painted surfaces.”

When it comes to protective coatings, don’t settle for inferior products. Unparalleled in features and performance, Nano-Clear® coating products from Assero are guaranteed for an industry-leading 10 years, with longer term protection anticipated under normal operating conditions!

​Storms, battering waves, corrosive sea salt, fouling organisms and pollutants are a marine vessel’s most persistent enemies. There hasn't been a truly effective defense against the environmental hazards faced by your vessels - until now.

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will:

  • restore surface lustre and vibrancy, return your vessel to its former glory

  • protect against corrosion, abrasion, chipping and UV degradation

  • greatly increase the durability and resilience of a surface to the effects of weathering

  • protect your fleet and marine vessels to a considerably higher degree than any other competing products on the market

The paradigm-changing Assero Advantage will:

  • flow through to you and your organization - everybody wins

  • enable you to gain an edge over your competition

  • increase the lifespan of your vessel(s)

  • improve the resale value of your vessel due to its superior condition

  • provide a superior and safer workplace environment for vessel operators, crew and passengers

  • decrease the potential damage inflicted upon natural marine environments

  • save time and money by dramatically decreasing the number and frequency of periods required for maintenance

  • enhance the impression and the experience that operators, guests and the general public have while onboard or while around your ship(s) when stationed in dock/port

  • enable you to realize a far greater return on monies invested into vessel assets over a much longer period of time

Industrial Marine Applications

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will protect sea & ocean going vessels such as:

  • cargo, container & tanker ships

  • cruise ships

  • oil tankers

  • hovercraft

  • Coast Guard ships

  • fishing fleets

  • Police boats

  • Navy & military ships

  • research ships

  • Search & Rescue ships

  • pipeline & cable installation ships

  • barges

  • salvage operators

  • tug boats & harbour vessels

  • ferry & passenger transport ships

  • and more ...

Now you can easily prevent your vessel from becoming an eyesore on the water, or a hazard for aquatic life under the water.

Protect your ship -  Protect the environment

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Rusted Shipwreck

A rusted wreck.

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Fishing Fleet
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