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Assero is a certified distributor of Nanovere products including Nano-Clear®.

"Nanovere focuses on the research, development, manufacturing and licensing of highly functional dendritic coating and multi-functional nano-coating formulations.

Nanovere has strategic partnerships with end-use customers, paint manufacturers and polymer manufacturers. Our business model supports the entire value chain through joint cooperation."

Nano-Clear® coatings are manufactured using proprietary 3D nano-structured polymers which create an unparalleled bonding density at the molecular level. This high cross-link density results in remarkable surface hardness as well as chemical, abrasion, corrosion and UV resistance, while providing high flexibility.

Nano-Clear ® Technical Resources

The following information provides further technical details on our line of Nano-Clear® products.

Data Sheets​

Nano-Clear® NCI for Industrial Applications - SDS

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Nano-Clear® NCI for Industrial Applications - TDS

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Nano-Clear® NCIF for Industrial Applications - SDS

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(PDF file, 286 kB, 14 pages)

NCI/NCIF (Nano-Clear® Industrial/Fleet) products that are VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant, contain very low quantities of VOC elements and are safe to use for industrial purposes. ano-Clear® products are manufactured in the United States

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Case Studies

Metrolinx Engineering, GO Transit

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Nanovere Technologies - Nanovere JDA - Case Studies (PowerPoint)

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Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating Wins 2020 PainSquare Prestige Award"

TOP PRODUCTS (2020) - The Top Product in the Coatings for Steel category goes to Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating. Nano-Clear is a multifunctional, one-component, humidity cured, polyurethane/polyurea hybrid nano-coating that penetrates deep into the pores and voids of freshly
coated or highly oxidized surfaces to form a hard, long term, protective, clear, topcoat surface. It’s manufactured using proprietary 3D nanostructured polymers which produce extreme crosslink density. NCI can restore existing color and gloss and provide extreme protection resistance against corrosion, UV degradation, weathering, abrasion and chemical attack. It also features repellency properties for oil and dirt, water and ice, algae and numerous forms of environmental and biological surface fouling and contaminants.

PaintSquare is the premier industry publication to the Paints & Coatings Industry.

Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating Wins "NACE Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award"

(Source: PR Newswire)

Press Release (March 26, 2019) - Nashville, Tennessee - Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating has been selected as the winner of the prestigious NACE MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award (Coatings & Linings category). The award was announced and presented to Thomas Choate, CEO of Nanovere Technologies during the NACE 2019 Corrosion Conference & Expo. This distinguished award is presented only once every two years at the world's largest event for the prevention and mitigation of corrosion.

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VOC Compliant
Manufactured in the USA
Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty Details


Includes full replacement value of Nano-Clear® Coating products purchased upon failure to perform.

Nanovere Technologies, LLC. warrants to the original purchaser of its products that such products to be free of defects in material and manufacturing. Nanovere Technologies, LLC. does not warrant or guarantee the workmanship performed by a person(s) or firm installing its products.

All warranties issued cover products applied by manufacturer’s technical data sheet instructions including (but not limited to) proper surface cleaning / preparation, application temperatures, coating thickness, dry times, cure times and recoat times as applied on a suitable substrate and described in Nano-Clear® product data sheet.

This warranty does not cover labor for the application of any Nano-Clear® product or damage caused by the use of this product. These warranties are non-transferable and require original purchase receipts. Nanovere Technologies, LLC. shall in no event be liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any reason whatsoever.

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(PDF file, 165 KB, 1 page)

Nanovere Historical Information

Nanovere was founded in 2003 by Thomas Choate. Twenty-one years earlier, he began to develop skills in the art and science of manufacturing porcelain teeth (crowns), dental metallurgy, polymer synthesis, high heat ceramics and high heat porcelain.

Nano-Clear® products are formulated using key scientific concepts, materials and processes invented for the dental industry. Nanovere began the development of highly scratch resistant, chemical and UV resistant nanocoatings with self-cleaning properties. The technical challenge was to develop multi-functional nanocoatings that would outperform all leading automotive and aerospace OEM coatings.

In 2008 Nanovere introduced the world's first Dendritic Polyurethane Coating systems. Nanovere began working closely with leading international corporations including GM, Jaguar, BMW, Boeing, Club Car & Polaris.

In 2009, Nanovere began joint development efforts with Bayer Material Sciences, Alcoa and Sveza Les OOO based in Russia. Nanovere's proprietary dendrimer-based coating resins dramatically improved the overall physical properties of leading coating resins and formulated coating systems.

In 2011, Nanovere partnered with Nippon Paint.  Nippon is the largest paint manufacturer in Asia. Today, Nippon manufactures and markets Nanovere's proprietary coating dendrimers to dramatically improve crosslink density, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance within Nippon coating systems.

In 2013, Nanovere introduced the world's first ambient cure Nano-Clear® Coating platform to exceed automotive, industrial, and aerospace OEM technical specifications.

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