Architectural Applications

Keep beautiful architecture ... beautiful!

Assero’s industrial coatings are the most advanced and effective solutions available to protect exterior hardscapes from the harsh environments that they are exposed to 24/7.


Whether the surface is concrete or stone, painted and/or epoxy coated, you can depend on Assero products to minimize the effects of environmental hazards on your buildings.

“Nano-Clear® NCI is a single-component, humidity-cured, highly cross-linked, polyurethane hybrid nano-coating system – designed to provide permanent protection. Its high concentration of chemically bonded polymers penetrates deep into the pores of concrete, stone, newly painted, epoxy coated and highly oxidized painted surfaces.”

When it comes to protecting your assets, don’t settle for inferior products. Protect the integrity of your buildings and dramatically reduce regular maintenance. Unparalleled in features and performance, Nano-Clear® coating products from Assero are guaranteed for an industry-leading 10 years, with longer term protection anticipated under normal operating conditions!

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will:

  • restore surface lustre and vibrancy

  • protect against corrosion, abrasion, chipping and UV degradation

  • enable you to more quickly and easily remove unsightly graffiti

  • greatly increase the durability and resilience of surfaces to the effects of weathering

  • offer unmatched protection for high-traffic areas that are subject to rapid wear & tear and material degradation

  • protect your building(s) to a considerably higher degree than any other competing products on the market

The paradigm-changing Assero Advantage will:

  • flow through to you and your organization - everybody wins

  • increase the lifespan of your buildings

  • improve the resale value of your building due to its superior condition

  • provide a superior workplace environment for staff; thus also reducing potential liability issues

  • save time and money by dramatically decreasing the number and frequency of periods required for maintenance

  • provide your company with a building that maintains its original beauty as it was designed and imagined by the architect

  • allow your workers, guests and the general public to continue utilizing and enjoying your facilities for extended periods of time

  • quickly result in an increased ROI during the time you enjoy the ownership of your properties

Industrial Buildings, Complexes & Facilities

Assero's Nano-Clear® products will protect the hardscapes of any building including:

  • condominium complexes and concrete high-rises

  • technology and financial centres

  • factories & warehousing

  • shopping centres & malls

  • airport, transit & transportation centres

  • events, entertainment & festival complexes

  • community & social centers

  • town/city halls

  • hospitals, medical and short/long term care institutions

  • educational institutions - colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.

  • government and public institution buildings

  • parks & recreation centres

  • athletic stadiums, arenas & gymnasium complexes

  • military buildings & defense compounds

  • utilities buildings

  • private & public libraries

  • restaurants

  • hotels, motels and resort facilities

  • and more ...

Protect your building's value, integrity and appearance.

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